We offer a variety of different services, at all levels, depending on your needs.

Some services which we have offered:

  • Product feasibility studies, including primary research and statistical analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Press Release writing and dissemination
  • Rendez-vous Planning
  • Boat Show Staffing
  • Brochure Development
  • News Letters
  • Ad Layout & Design & Copy Writing
  • Video production, Photography
  • Web Site Development
  • Internet Visibility
  • Magazine Editorial
  • Media Buying
  • New Product Introduction
    Timely press releases, product literature,
     brochures, pricing, advertsing schedules,
     budgeting, public relations
     dealer network development

Prices are based on the extensiveness of the relationship created between MMD and the client.  Typically, more involved projects are quoted as an aggregate endeavour.  Other projects may be billed hourly.