Welcome to Marine Marketing and Design.  Since 1979, Annie Lannigan and crew, have been helping marine related businesses solve and simplify their marketing challenges.

From fully founded marketing feasibility studies or one-time press releases, to boat show staffing, and dealer management, we can help you seize the marketing opportunities that you otherwise don't have the time and budget to address. 

A company's sales and marketing effort is directly tied to its success.  The best boat in the world, will never be sold without a solid and consistent marketing plan.   Unfortunately, most custom builders, oem's, sail makers, publishers, architects, and the like, are limited in their funding and staffing to create and implement a sales and marketing strategy that insures their success. Many times, marketing opportunites go unanswered because of lack of time.  Small business owners wear many hats and never have enough time for each one.

Sound like you?  Marine Marketing & Design can get your name and your new products out to the editors and the buyers.  Save money and improve your results.  We can take care of your marketing needs without creating unneccesary full time increases to your payroll and insurance costs. Our 30 years of working in all aspects of the boating industry, as manufacturers, sales agents, and more, coupled with established relationships with boat show managers, editors, publishers and staff, puts your marketing dollars to work with the utmost efficiency.

So, don't miss that deadline for the free press that your favorite magazine just offered you.  Call Annie Lannigan today.  She'd be happy to talk with you about your project and get the material to them on time.